What Bitcoin’s Q1 Performance Could Mean for the Rest of the Year

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It’s time for another YourDailyBlockchain (YDB) Daily Double – what’s happening in the world of Blockchain, fintech, and cryptocurrencies today?


It’s been another good day in the crypto space. Another day of good volume followed by stable price inclines. Are we looking at another bull run in cryptos? According to Andrew Yang, he says, “bitcoin is inevitable” and we at YDB, tend to agree. Bitcoin is indeed inevitable.


No doubt we’ll be watching this space as we progress further into our 1st quarter of 2020. We’ve already seen pretty incredible gains given where BTC started the month at around $2000 less than where it is now. And let’s not forget bitcoin’s little brother; bitcoin cash BCH which started the month off at around $205.90 and is currently sitting at $391; a gain of almost 91%. That’s a nice gain in anybody’s book.


Now let’s move on to some YDB Daily News!

bitcoin (BTC) staying above the $9000 level

Bitcoin’s best Q1 Performance since 2013

Continuing on from the above theme, let’s spend a moment and reflect upon the past month and see what it might mean for BTC performance for the rest of the year.

We’re just kicking off the new year, and really just in the midst of Q1, but already bitcoin is enjoying the best Q1 performance since 2013. Let’s see if BTC can hold onto its current pace over the next couple months. If it can, I think that would be a strong signal of what we might expect as we progress through 2020.

No doubt there will be plenty of eyes on BTC over the next few months and with the upcoming BTC having in May, I think the entire cryptocurrency and blockchain space will be getting plenty of headline space.

To our loyal readers here at YDB, stay tuned; there will certainly be more to come on this.

Switzerland at the Forefront of Tax Payments in Bitcoin.

According to this January 29, announcement by major crypto financial services company Bitcoin Suisse, the city of Zermatt has now become the second city in Switzerland to allow taxpayers to pay their taxes in Bitcoin (BTC).

This, no doubt, puts Switzerland at the forefront and leading edge of crypto payments for taxes. It was just over a year ago that Ohio became the 1st U.S. state to allow taxes to be paid in bitcoin. This is definitely a trend we’d like to see more of and we fully support putting more financial control in the hands of the individual.

According to Bitcoin Suisse, they will convert the bitcoin to Swiss francs and pay that out to the government. The tax payers of Zermatt will have two options in paying their taxes in bitcoin;

  1. Pay via BTC online
  2. Pay at the Zermatt tax office via a point-of-sale device.

This is definitely a trend we can get behind here at YDB. Kudos to the Swiss.

Well, that wraps up another Daily Double here at YDB; your source for daily news and views in the cryptocurrency, fintech, and blockchain world.

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